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PANIC SNAP: A specific variety of carabiner designed in this type of way that the mechanism could be opened to release a rope or chain even when a full weight is bearing down on it.

BONDAGE TAPE: A vinyl tape substance, accessible in lots of colors, which sticks only to alone although not to other materials including pores and skin or clothing, which makes it perfect for bondage.

Initially GIRL: In the Gor novels, certainly one of a bunch of woman sexual intercourse slaves owned by exactly the same grasp, who is taken into account 'to start with' or predominent over another sex slaves.

RING GAG: A selected sort of gag consisting of a metal ring, often padded with leather-based, that has a strap connected to it. The ring is positioned during the mouth in this kind of way as to carry the mouth open, as well as the strap secures it in position.

Delaying or intensifying ejaculation by protecting against the testicles from increasing normally towards the "stage of no return". It is far harder to achieve an orgasm.

FROG TIE: A particular kind of bondage in which the individual kneels and also the ankles are certain to the thighs, avoiding the person from growing; the wrists are then certain to the ankles.

SCOLD'S BRIDLE: A lockable steel cage which encloses The top, using an built-in metal protrusion which works in the wearer's mouth, stopping speech. Also known as a "brank" or sometimes "branks." Commentary:

ROSEBUD: A specific sort of butt plug consisting of the teardrop-formed component linked to a slim cylindrical neck that has a flared foundation.

LADDER: A composition consisting of both click here to find out more a triangular wood body with wooden slats managing throughout it or two vertical wooden planks with many horizontal cross customers, to which a person could be certain.

OLD LEATHER: Nearly anything of or linked to the gay male BDSM community which began in The usa and Canada following WWII and was most widely used generally amongst the 1960s plus the late eighties; characterised by an incredibly rigid and structured hierarchy, elaborate codes of perform, ritualized protocol, and a powerful perception of Neighborhood, responsibility, and loyalty.

Cocks_Always_Locked_with_Annie_Aurora. Fetish_Liza_Boot_fucking_slave. Panty_Sniffer. Governess_Ely_Humiliated_In_The_Office.

A ailment where prolonged, repeated stimulation of a specific Component of anyone's overall body, most frequently agony Participate in involving paddling or hanging so as to depart deep bruises, makes that Portion of your body significantly less sensitive. Usage:

BUTTERFLY CHAIR: A chair which includes two horizontal planks to which the legs can be secured, affixed to your pivot such the legs from the secured human being could be unfold apart.

PUSSY PUMP: A tool employed to apply suction to the labia or clitoris, engorging the area with blood to increase sensitivity.

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